Medical Marijuana Is Now Available for Delivery in DC to Registered Patients


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Registered patients in DC’s medical marijuana program can now order cannabis directly to their homes. Mayor Bowser and the Department of Health announced the emergency rulemaking on Monday. The new social distancing provisions also allow for curbside pickup from the District’s seven dispensaries. Dispensaries are deemed essential businesses in DC.

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To receive a delivery, qualifying patients and caregivers must provide the dispensary with a copy of their medical marijuana registration card and ID. The dispensary verifies the patient has not exceeded their monthly per-person limit (4 ounces), and then they can dispatch a delivery straight to the patient or caregiver’s home in DC.

Many medical marijuana patients are immunocompromised, and 36 percent of patients in DC’s program are over 55 years old. The temporary social distancing measures ensure access to medication while minimizing contact.

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