10 Reasons You Should Grow Cannabis from Urban Farmer Curtis Stone & Me


John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits the urban gardener Curtis Stone in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada to share with you 10 reasons you should grow the cannabis plant if it is legal where you live.

In this episode, you will learn why the cannabis plant is one of the easiest edible plants you can grow and why you should grow it.

You will discover some of the unique health benefits of these plants and how this plant can grow fast and is easy to grow, you will discover how this plant may even change your life

See the best guide for how to grow weed fast the dankest pot on Earth for beginners or advanced tips and tricks for growing marijuana.

You will even learn how you can make money growing cannabis, but not the normal kind of cannabis that everyone grows. You will learn how you can use other people’s land to grow Cannabis sativa L. that contains less than 0.3% THC, which is considered industrial hemp.

After watching this episode, you will learn why both John and Urban Farmer Curtis Stone are both Cannabis advocates and why.

THC University

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