Medics Question A Practice That Might Speed Up Testing Of A Coronavirus Vaccine


In this lockdown, low-wage workers have been publicly declared “essential” — up there with doctors and nurses. But the workers say their pay, benefits and protections don’t reflect it.

To safely reopen without risking new COVID-19 outbreaks, states need enough staffing to do the crucial work of contact tracing. We surveyed public health agencies to find out how much they have.

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The number of lives taken by COVID-19 in the U.S. has reached a grim milestone: More people have died of the disease than the 58,220 Americans who perished in the Vietnam War.

The U.S. also has more than 57,000 deaths, just months after the coronavirus was identified.

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Vice President Pence on Tuesday said he was following CDC guidelines in not wearing a face mask during public appearances since he is frequently tested for the coronavirus.

An APM Reports analysis finds that public labs — the first line of defense in an outbreak — in at least 10 states endured budget troubles or staffing shortages in the past decade.

President Trump and a pageant of guests attempted on Monday to sell the idea that victory — when it comes to scaled-up testing — is just around the corner.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky tells NPR that he expects his company to survive the coronavirus pandemic by emphasizing cleanliness, and acknowledging that travel is likely changed forever.

President Trump will invoke the Defense Production Act to ensure plants keep running. Workers have said they need more protection after illnesses and deaths on the line.

The iconic vessel was intended to provide overflow capacity to the New York metropolitan area but ultimately wasn’t needed as badly as first feared.

There will be restrictions, including no practices and no more than four players at a facility at one time.

Despite a partisan divide over increasing absentee voting, about half of all Republicans support universal access to a mail-in ballot, according a new Pew Research poll.

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