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The United States introduced the Farm Bill way back in 2018 that officially legalized hemp-based CBD and ever since then CBD products are having a booming market. However, since there is very little regulation, many of you have no clue as to where to get it and how to get started. Today a plethora of CBD products are flooding the markets.

As per https://edition.cnn.com, the chemical present in marijuana and hemp plants is now found in shampoos, body oils, lattes, dog treats, and gummy bears. These are being sold in farmer’s markets, in coffee shops, high-end department stores, mom-and-pops stores, and even in CVS, the drug store chain.

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According to an authority, you could see CBD practically everywhere literally overnight. Until recently, CBD was an obscure product but it has gained incredible traction almost overnight and is very much on everybody’s mind right from entrepreneurs to consumers and producers. Whether you are thinking of using CBD products for treating yourself or your pet animals, you need to have sound knowledge about CBD and its implications before buying CBD products.

Things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing CBD for Your Pets

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  • You must buy full-spectrum hemp-based CBD oil and remember avoiding CBD isolates or even the broad-spectrum products. We know that full-spectrum implies that the products would be having the maximum amount of cannabinoids to the extent possible and these cannabinoids seem to seamlessly work together for achieving maximum benefits. You must focus on buying brands that are not only grown but even manufactured here in the U.S.A. Avoid the product that is using imported industrial hemp oil as you would be having no guarantees about what you would be getting in these products.
  • You must consider using CBD that has been manufactured using CO2 extraction techniques. This implies that the plant has been cold-pressed for extracting the oil instead of using chemical solvents such as alcohol or butane.
  • Do not forget that CBD must best be extracted from the hemp flowers and remember to avoid buying CBD extracted from the hemp seeds or hemp stalks. The most effective and potent part of the hemp plant is its flower.
  • Buy products from companies that do not use herbicides, insecticides, or any such chemicals on their plants.
  • Buy from a company that is known for providing full panel third-party laboratory testing to ensure the potency and purity of the products as claimed by the company.
  • Beware of misleading labels. Read the labels carefully before buying CBD products for your pets.
  • Avoid buying CBD products with additives or artificial ingredients. Try to identify a brand or company that focuses on holistic pet care and health.

Factors to Consider While Buying CBD for your Cat or Dog

Effective Quality Control

This is supposed to be by far the most difficult and challenging issue. We know that CBD is available as full-spectrum product and CBD isolates. All products must necessarily have a relevant certificate demonstrating precisely where the product was grown and specifically what it contains.  Browse pethempcompany cbd oil for pets to learn more.

Safety & Dosing

Full-spectrum products are more powerful as compared to CBD isolates hence, you must remember starting slow and going slow. Most products would be recommending a starting dose, however, without proper research, they could be just guesses.

We understand that Cornell University has completed a safety study, as well as, a pharmacokinetic study on a long-term basis on both cats and dogs for determining accurate dosing and safety. They have been successful in determining the accurate dosing for pets.

Tips to Choose Your First-Ever CBD Product

Examine & Ensure Third-Party Testing: As discussed earlier, always rely on companies that perform third-party testing for ensuring product purity and potency.

Consult with Your Veterinarian

If your cat or dog is having any precise medical concern, you need to speak to his vet before placing any orders for CBD products. You need to remember that CBD products could be interacting with some medications and may not prove to be ideal in certain conditions. You must seek professional advice before using CBD for your pets.

Read Reviews

You could get an idea about a company and its products by going through testimonials and reviews present online. You could consider using these evaluations for gauging the product quality and assessing the customer service standards of the company.


Now that you have got an idea about CBD, you could go ahead and make the purchase.

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