Barry K. Baker of Volk Law Provides Medical Marijuana Impact Webinar




Barry Baker of Volk Law Offices, P.A. provides a Webinar Presentation to Space Coast Human Resources Association.

On May 19, 2020, Volk Law attorney Barry K. Baker provided a webinar presentation to the Space Coast Human Resources Association entitled “Medical Marijuana and its Impact on the Florida Workplace.”

This is a “hot button” topic for business owners, managers, and human resources professionals.  The event was well-attended with more than 30 participants.

The presentation provided a history of the 2016 Constitutional Amendment legalizing medical marijuana use in Florida; the medical conditions that qualify an individual for a medical marijuana prescription; the impact of an employee’s use of medical marijuana on an employer’s rights under the Florida’s Drug Free Workplace Act; and the interplay between medical marijuana use and potential discrimination claims under state and federal laws prohibiting disability discrimination.

Because the law is relatively new and there are virtually no interpretive court decisions to guide an employer on how to handle a particular situation, employers have many questions about medical marijuana use.

The presentation provided some comfort to employers in defining the relatively small scope of the issue in Florida, and the clear intent of the legislature that medical marijuana not interfere with an employer’s right to a drug free workplace through its consistent enforcement of its legally-compliant policies prohibiting illegal drug use.

If you have any questions regarding medical marijuana use by your job applicants and current employees, or any other employment law issue, please contact Mr. Baker at Volk Law Offices, P.A. at (321) 726-8338.

Please also visit to learn more about the comprehensive range of services our firm provides to businesses, and to learn more about the Volk Law team of experienced attorneys.

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