Creating a World of Wonder: How a CBD Beverage Wages War for Equality | with Tanisha Robinson


Tanisha Robinson has truly led a wonderful life, doing everything from being an Army linguist to advocating for women’s rights in Syria to building the BrewDog USA division from scratch, as well as founding a number of startups. Tanisha’s latest venture is W*nder, which is carving out its space as a CBD beverage company, an industry that is likely to grow a lot in the coming years. But more than just building a successful business, Tanisha builds impactful businesses — and if there is one industry that needs conscious warriors waging a war for equity, it is the cannabis industry.

What Brett asks:
[02:49] Talk to me about your early childhood and the dynamic you grew up in.
[08:40] How did your upbringing continue to shape you as you move forward?
[12:38] Talk about your decision to go into the army.
[13:42] Why did you decide to become a linguist and study Arabic?
[15:58] What was it like being in the army when 9/11 happened?
[19:16] What was your experience in Syria like?
[27:39] Can you tell me about how you started your business career?
[33:02] How did you settle on the idea that you would become an entrepreneur?
[47:10] Do you feel pressure to fit into your expected identity?
[53:11] How are doing in your new business, W*nder?
[01:00:20] How has the coronavirus forced you to reevaluate how you are moving forward?
[01:05:17] How do your parents view you today?

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