Enerkon Solar Internaitonal (ENKS OTC PINK) – establishes a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents


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Enerkon Solar International (ENKS OTC PINK) – establishes a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents and Technologies Acquired

Enerkon Solar International Inc (OTCBB:ENKS)

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Enerkon New Technologies Holdings are paving the way, to innovation and revolution, in vital Industry and Technology”

— Mr. Benjamin Ballout CEO

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, USA, August 1, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Enerkon Solar International (ENKS OTC PINK) – Establishes a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents”

ENKS Chairman – Mr. Benjamin Ballout stated today that “in keeping with our previous announcements regarding plans to establish a new Technology Holdings Division for New Patents recently Acquired, we are pleased to advise that the legal formation of the wholly owned corporate division Enerkon Technologies Holdings Inc. has been completed”

Mr. Ballout further states that “the company has recently purchased and developed several important and disruptive technologies which are Patented/Trademarked for Monetization and Commercialization during the this year and the first 2 quarters of 2021 – the technologies are as follows:

1. Covid Shield PI (Passive Immunity) CDT (combination drug treatment) a New Groundbreaking, Trademarked/Patented, Passive Immunity, Drug Regime which provides passive immunity (Vaccines provide active immunity, at no more than 40% effectiveness against Corona virus in general and are not expected to do any better for Covid 19 – Whereas, Covid Shield PI (Passive Immunity) CDT, is expected to have a 85%+ effective “passive immunity” ratio, protecting the global population from infection by Covid19 as well as a treatment for those already infected. The new approach mediates the most egregious and dangerous effects of the new pathogen. Human Trials, are now expected to start abroad, whereby data sets will be presented to the FDA and Project Warp Speed and others, as well as foreign country regulatory authorities, for Fast Track Approval, for distribution to the Populations most vulnerable demographics world wide. The company expects to see results and potential approval, before December this year.

2. Aluminum / Electrolyte Fuel Cell (Electric Vehicle Battery) Patented and using a new de-fouling technology (silver nano particles) which supersedes other similar attempts at commercial viability, giving our technology a green light for commercialization, monetization and distribution. The new technology is 38% lighter and less expensive, then lithium cobalt and other current EV batteries in production and does NOT require an expensive National recharging Infrastructure as they are…

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