Dad who lost job in pandemic ‘considered dealing cannabis’ to feed family


A dad has spoken out after he became so desperate to feed his family earlier in the pandemic he briefly considered selling cannabis.

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Mohammed Haroon says he was left with just £300 to survive after being laid off from his security job at the start of the first UK lockdown in April.

The bombshell came just hours before his excited wife revealed she was pregnant with their second child.

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With few options the 27-year-old from Birmingham said he briefly considered buying a block of cannabis to sell on the street with his remaining cash.

But the law-abiding dad said he instead opted to plough every last penny he had into a dessert service called Zay Zays – which is now booming, Birmingham Live reports.

He opted to sell desserts instead

Yet in a frank interview he admitted he had considered low-level drug dealing as he felt under pressure to make cash quickly.

The dad said: “The day I got…

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