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Well, 4/20/2021 is here and we’re still knees-deep in a global pandemic. This year much like 2020, there will be few mass gatherings of potheads or legalization rallies. Nope. The 2021 version is going to be the authentic stoner experience for many. Sitting in a crowded apartment, smoking your brains out and finding ways to stimulate the senses once blazed. To help, we’ve put together the perfect 420 plan for staying home.

There will be no pretension from cannabis freedom fighters. No going overboard with the revolutionary rhetoric. No passing of a 3-foot stuffed Raw cone between you and 10 homies. Not this year. We are taking it back to the essence. Back to the roots. Back to the couch. Maybe this is how 4/20 was meant to be? A recognition that this is everyday life.

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We are going to break down the activities we know you already enjoy. And maybe, give you a couple of recommendations along the way.

Wake and Bake with Coffee

There are few better activities for your 4/20 plan than a morning weed consumption followed by a good cup of coffee. Of course, we are assuming you have the day off or don’t have any adult responsibilities. For this step, it’s important to start with some traditional flower smoking or dry herb vaping. Sativa preferably, so you don’t fade out immediately. Plus, I assume this is the AM. Wait until later to break out your dab rig, champ. We got all day.

THC University

Television, but not too much…or fugg it

South Park – Tegridy Farms

Next on the 420 Plan is to settle down in front of the boob-tube and get some laughs. Laughing Is good for the soul and a little weed helps too.  South Park Tegridy Farms episode(s) was last year’s pick. I’m thinking this year you want to go with something a little more avant garde.  

That’s year’s pick for 420 TV viewing is The Midnight Gospel.

Netflix describes the Pendelton Ward and Duncan Trussell brain-child as “The Midnight Gospel is the story of Clancy, a spacecaster with a malfunctioning multiverse simulator who leaves the comfort of his extra-dimensional home on the Chromatic Ribbon to interview beings living in other worlds.”

Loud News Net describes it as “a couple of writers and animators, who were probably into LSD at one point, did this crazy show about time and space and it’s a trip to watch. It was made to puff trees to.”

Music is Living

I assume by now you’ve consumed your first eighth of the day, so the dab rig is permissible if we are past noon. Once that’s done make sure to throw on some music. I don’t know what you like, in fact any music is appropriate.

Our 420 recommendation this year for some tunes is easy. MM..Food by the legendary MF DOOM (R.I.P). Twist a blunt and ride to this 2004 classic. 

mf doom

Get Creative

Next on the high train express, is somewhere we should all push ourselves towards. Weed has always been a catalyst for enhancing my creativity. You should try it out. There is something rewarding to being a productive stoner.

Try writing, painting, drawing, singing, freestyling, making beats, spinning records or just snapping photos around the house and enhancing them on IG. Try to push your creative limits and see what happens. Screw it. Start yodeling. No one is around anyway. It’s a good opportunity to tap into your potential.

Video Games

Time to work on some hand-eye coordination and problem-solving. Plus, spending a little time blazed to play a challenging game can be fun. 

Forget 2K and Madden, I think it’s time to break out a Raspberry Pi fully loaded with retro games. They are dope. Fire up the NEO GEO!

Movie Time

By now I assume you’ve ordered from Grub Hub or Door Dash and ravaged a few bags of chips. So with no need to remind you to consume food, here’s the next step in our 420 plan.

Movies. This is the main event so choose carefully. There are many ways to approach this and we have provided a primer. You might want to laugh at The Dude in The Big Lebowski. Maybe a far more trippy offering like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is your thing. Perhaps you want to take your stoner game to the next level and sync up Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz. Whatever you choose, enjoy. Be thankful you’re lifted on your couch watching movies rather than fighting through hipster crowds, high AF, leaving the local 4/20 festival.

Happy 4/20!

We all miss passing the kutchie on the left hand side during these times. Fortunately, we can still make the most with what we have.

Hope you all have a LOUD 420!



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