Amazon Likes Marijuana Legalization. Will Amazon Prime Deliver Cannabis? (Probably Not.) – Cannabis Business Executive


Last week, online megaretailer and all-around internet heavyweight champion Amazon announced that just like you, Amazon likes marijuana.

Job applicants for gigs at company offices and warehouses will no longer be drug-tested for cannabis (though delivery drivers are another matter). What’s more, Amazon also officially supports federal marijuana legalization, and will join social-justice organizations and drug-reform advocates in lobbying Congress to pass the most progressive legalization proposal in Washington.

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Amazon’s turn towards weed generated a round of positive earned media—a welcome respite from the near-endless parade of worker abusesprivacy violations, and regulator penalties.

It also raises a very obvious question: will Amazon start delivering marijuana flower, edibles, and cartridges to your door as well (as in, deliberately, this time)?

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If age-restricted products like alcohol and cigarettes—as well as Amazon’s currently approach to legal cannabis products derived from hemp, like products with CBD and Delta-8 THC, which the company does not sell—are any indication, probably not.

“I don’t think they will touch it,” said Ralf Wilhems, a professor at Lake Superior State’s Lukenda School of Business, who teaches in the university’s cannabis business program. Even after legalization, “the risk is just too big,” he added. [Read more at Amazon]

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