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Democratic House leaders announced Wednesday that they would be going into special session and voting on a recreational marijuana bill sometime this month.

The legislative session is ending at midnight Wednesday night.

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“My hunch is they can’t get it done by 11:59, but they will get it done within a week,” Gov. Ned Lamont said Wednesday.

House Democrats had expected to get to passing a recreational marijuana bill that the state Senate passed earlier this week but ran out of time. Republican filibustering and daylong debates caused time to dwindle, so Democratic leadership turned to what they said is their bargaining chip: throwing the legislature into special session. The House did eventually pass a bipartisan state budget deal on Tuesday, which the Senate approved Wednesday.

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House Speaker Matt Ritter said Republicans “should’ve let us vote.” He has chosen not to call the vote for hotly contested bills, allowing extended commentary from Republicans. He’s said that he views the action as a last resort and doesn’t want to set a precedent. On Wednesday, he said “every item” that the legislature hasn’t gotten to will be open for consideration in the special session. [Read more at The Day]

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